Comments from student surveys and parent feedback...

"I like actually being in a place that is music oriented - where everyone is serious about music - and being immersed in the jazz mentality." - student

"Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put forth this week with the kids.  Our son says he has learned a lot and it's been really fun.  That's practically gushing for a 15 year old :)  So thank you for sharing your talents and cultivating the next generation of jazz musicians!" -parent 

"I liked that I could learn, play, and speak freely without anybody putting me down and that I could interact with people that like the same thing I do." -student

"I feel blessed that I got this chance to learn how to play jazz." -student

"The teachers talked about concepts beyond scales, chords, etc. I learned about coordination, communication, feeling my music, talking with my instrument, building my solos etc." -student

"I really liked JT’s [drum instructor] attitude about teaching. He challenged a lot more than my technical understanding of the music. I also loved playing with such great musicians. They made me better myself from their example. It made me believe again that I can be a great musician." -student

"I liked the hands-on instruction given by the combo leaders [faculty]. It personalized it and helped one to understand what jazz is and how to understand how to play in a group." -student

"I learned stuff I didn't know that I didn't know."

"I think what I liked best was when you guys [the faculty] played and then talked about what it’s like to be in a band and how you just have to be open about everything. Because that was always my theory and it’s nice to hear other people with it."