COVID19 Update

The Jazz Workshop follows all guidelines and recommendations of the Minnesota Department of Health for youth programs (LINK). Details include:

  • Program enrollment will be limited to SIX students per session. Each session will have two instructors, saxophonist Doug Little and bassist Charlie Lincoln and one guest artist, drummer Kevin Washington. 
  • All participants will be temperature checked by school security upon entry into the building. Hand sanitizer and wipes will be onsite. 
  • Students and instructors will wear masks (except for when wind players play their instruments).
  • Students will be spaced a minimum of 10 feet apart (disregard website images from previous years).
  • Rehearsal space will be in band or orchestra rooms at Blake School Northrup campus. These are huge rehearsal halls with 40-foot high ceilings. There are windows on three sides. All windows will be opened. 
  • Should extreme weather require that the windows be closed, the building air-conditioning/ventilation system is modern and excellent.
  • Each Session will have exclusive access to its rehearsal room and not be required to share space. Equipment and surfaces will be disinfected before and after use. 
  • Blake school is otherwise closed and offering no other in-person programming. Jazz Workshop participants will be the only students in the building. 
  • Should a COVID19 event or policy change cause the Jazz Workshop to be canceled then all participants would receive a refund including deposit. Partial cancelation would result in a partial refund. 
  • The Workshop will conclude with an audio and video recording session at Blake that can later be shared with family and friends.

NOTE: Students with a heightened risk of contracting COVID19 should not enroll in this program. Students with recent exposure to someone with COVID19, regardless of whether the student shows symptoms, cannot participate in the Jazz Workshop. 

For additional questions or concerns contact program director Doug Little at 612-871-3534 or