COVID19 Update

Masks are required in the public spaces of Arlington Hills Community Center. All jazz workshop faculty have been vaccinated. All student participants should be vaccinated. Please note that at rehearsals with wind instruments masks cannot be worn at all times. For 2021 sessions safety protocols include:

  • Program enrollment will be limited to EIGHT students per session. 
  • Rehearsal space will be at Arlington Hills Community Center. Its Room A is very large with excellent ventilation system.
  • Students will be spaced at least 6 feet apart.
  • Hand sanitizer and wipes will be onsite. 
  • Should a COVID19 event or policy change cause the Jazz Workshop to be canceled then all participants would receive a refund of $25 registration fee. Partial cancelation would result in a partial refund. 
  • The Workshop will conclude with an audio and video recording session at Arlington Hills Community Center that can later be shared with family and friends.

NOTE: Though increasingly less likely, students with recent exposure to someone with COVID19, regardless of whether the student shows symptoms, cannot participate in the Jazz Workshop until the required quarantine period has passed. 

For additional questions or concerns contact program director Doug Little at 612-871-3534 or